our process

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our process by Mind Map: our process

1. Preparation stage

1.1. Fill in the brief

1.1.1. Onboarding Call Project start, payments, legal part, agreement sign Initial setup

2. Link building stage

2.1. Link prospecting

2.1.1. Web scraping for target keywords

2.1.2. Cleaning the list from irrelevant sites

2.1.3. Review prospects SEO health via Ahrefs batch

2.1.4. Competitors backlinks inks (take from prep stage)

2.1.5. Finalizing the prospects list, filtering, structuring

2.1.6. Email gathering and Validation Import the list of prospects to Buzzstream Extract emails via buzz maker tool, Export the list to csv, filter for sites for which Buzzstream haven’t find any proper email Import to Hunter, get emails for sites that left Manually find the rest of an email with the help of outsourced lead generation specialists Validate emails via Neverbounce Remove/edit prospects that haven’t passed the check Email creation and sending Import the list with validated emails into Buzzstream Customize the encounter outreach template and up to 5 follow ups Adding personalization elements via Lemlist Schedule and send the email sequence