Cakery/Bakery Owner/Entrepenuer

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Cakery/Bakery Owner/Entrepenuer by Mind Map: Cakery/Bakery Owner/Entrepenuer

1. Desired Strengths

1.1. Numberwise

1.1.1. Logical/Business side of things

1.2. Leadership

1.2.1. Decision Making

2. Core Values

2.1. Work my way up

2.1.1. Quality Products

2.2. Respect

2.2.1. Being self dependent Quality relationships

3. Passions

3.1. Baking

3.1.1. Cake Decorating

3.1.2. Creativity

4. Being a Business Owner of a successful Bakery

5. Career options

5.1. Entrepenuer opportunites

5.2. Wedding Cake decorator for celebs

5.3. Kitchen Manager Positions

5.4. Franchise business owner

6. Career Goals

6.1. Short term: Take on more clients to be able to start renting commercial space/create business cards and secure a name/ Get my name out there more

6.2. Long term: Be able to quit full time job and do Cake making full time, begin putting a business plan into action

7. Top Strengths

7.1. Spirit of Optimism

7.1.1. Motivation/determination

7.2. Time management

8. Role Model

8.1. Sumi Cambpell, Current Boss

8.2. she is currently a small business owner, this being her second business

8.2.1. does the same work i love

8.3. she started at the bottom and worked her way up to owning her own business

8.3.1. has already taught me a lot on the job

8.4. Is always there with guidance and creative ideas

8.5. Gives me support and inspires me for the future

9. Network

9.1. Current employer

9.1.1. Parents who owned small business

9.2. Could work on building more beneficial relationships

10. Experience

10.1. Every job i have had has been in a kitchen

10.1.1. Euro Pastry Hans and Harrys Cake decorating Baking

10.2. Clients on my own time

10.2.1. Culinary School Bread Bakery

10.3. Lead positions

11. Why

11.1. Love to bake/ decorate

11.1.1. Determined to be my own boss

11.2. It is simply what I love to do

11.2.1. Have creative control over something i own

11.3. Had this goal since I was young, determined to make it happen

12. Execution Strategy

12.1. Keep learning

12.2. Perfect the skill

12.3. Take on jobs that allow me to work leadership skills

12.4. Do more work outside of the full time job

12.5. Rent commercial space for cake orders

12.6. Get a following through that

12.7. Put in the work to open a storefront

12.8. Figure out franchise aspect

13. Ideal Company

13.1. One that is owned by me

13.1.1. learning environment

13.1.2. Doesn't skip out on the small stuff

13.1.3. Team environment

13.2. Optimistic

13.2.1. Oppurtunity Flexible Respectful

13.3. To provide a happy space for employees, so they provide a happy space for customers

14. Ideal Professional Self

14.1. Maintains optimisim

14.1.1. Helpful and willing to teach

14.2. Knowledgeable in all aspects of the job

14.2.1. Reliable for employees Skillful at decorating/ baking

14.3. able to think creatively but also logically

14.4. A boss that people want to work for and respect

15. Continuing investment

15.1. Set aside more time to take more orders

15.2. Be up front with wanting to learn more from mentors

15.3. dont be afraid to introduce new ideas

16. Boundaries

16.1. Not willing to settle

16.2. No cutting corners, take the hard way

16.2.1. don't want to work under anyone else