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RAFT Niagara by Mind Map: RAFT Niagara

1. Since its inception, the RAFT has supported thousands of youth, helping them to become independent and self-sufficient individuals.

2. Visions/ Goals: The RAFT Niagara Non-profit Organization aims to help at-risk and homeless youth through empowering them to be independent & self-sufficient individuals

2.1. "Services are based on the principles of Empowerment, Quality of Life, Dignity and Respect. Services are provided in a supportive and caring environment which encourages independence and self-reliance."

2.2. "We believe that helping clients take control of their lives builds self-esteem and confidence while empowering clients to become fuller more involved members of their community."

3. Marginalized populations: Kids living in poverty are more at-risk to become homeless, drop out of school, involved with self-harming behaviours, in trouble with the law, and without a job. RAFT Niagara looks to combat the risks these children face by providing them with programs and services that will empower them to become an active and valued member of the community

3.1. A Fight for Equity: At RAFT Niagara, everyone is deemed equal and provided with the tools they need to become as successful as they can be. These programs target equity through the variety of services they offer to make sure that there is something for everything regardless of their situation. At-risk youth describes a large variety of youth. There is no one answer or program that can aid all of these youth in their transition from being at risk to an active community member.

4. Services: RAFT Niagara provides both preventative and reactive services to best suit the needs of the youth. For youth who have run out of options and have no other place to go they offer Hostel Shelter. The services / programs that the RAFT runs for Ontario students and their families include:

4.1. Hostel

4.2. Resource Centre

4.3. Youth Reconnect

4.4. Neighbourhood Awakening

4.5. After School Program

4.6. Summer Programs

4.7. Youth in Transition

4.8. Eternal Routes

4.9. Housing First

5. For More information on this non-profit organization visit their website

5.1. Our Services

6. How are services/programs accessed?

6.1. Referrals from schools

6.2. Referrals from social worker

6.3. Referrals from other community members including police, family & children services etc.

6.4. Referring themselves

6.5. Referrals from family members

6.6. Services are all over the Niagara region allowing for accessibility regardless of geographic location

7. Other important information

7.1. Youth hostel and drop in resource centre: open 24/7

7.2. With funding from service clubs, community groups, the faith community and concerned individuals, the RAFT took shape and officially opened in May of 1994. The RAFT began as a drop in centre operating five nights a week.