What Is A Ethical Investment

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What Is A Ethical Investment by Mind Map: What Is A Ethical Investment

1. Examples Of Ethical Investments

1.1. Clean Energy

1.2. Health-Care

1.3. Aged Care

1.4. Medical Solutions

1.5. Education

1.6. Responsible Banking

1.7. Innovative Technology

1.8. Energy Efficiency

2. Examples Of Unethical Investments

2.1. Human Rights Abuses

2.2. Harmful Products

2.3. Gambling

2.4. Exploitation

2.5. Weapons

2.6. Logging

3. How To Make Ethical Investments

3.1. Think Before You Act:: Think of how your investment affects those around you and those involved in the investment

3.2. Make Sure The Investment Is Beneficial: Before investing make sure that your investment is beneficial to yourself and the company you're investing in

3.3. Don't Cut Corners; Starting off an investment with compromise and mediocrity makes failure inevitable, don't settle