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Mediation by Mind Map: Mediation

1. Decide on a professional specialty what type of mediator fits you best.

2. you must have a minimum of 10 years of senior level business or professional experience

3. essential soft skills negotiation being able of work with both sides and understanding there needs written communication being able to go over any written notes that you may active listening skills hearing others out before speaking

4. advantages of mediation cost less then going to court less time with resolution process

5. disadvantages of mediation, no formal rules ,unfair settlement to both parties

6. Work experience being able to have a feel of what the job entails

7. Complete mediation training once you have several years of experience in your field you can start training with an expert and also get certified.

8. Cost Arbitration proceedings will results in a quicker dispute

9. privacy

10. Inability to appeal once a decision is made it cant be appealed if a person feel as if the judgement is unfair and would like to have another trail there unable to do so.

11. Rising costs

12. Training or experience in arbitration.

13. Membership in a professional association

14. Educational degree or professional license

15. Qualifications for being an arbitrator .

16. Lack of formal discovery a party may present its case to an arbitrator without being privy to all of the pertinent facts.

17. Disadvantages of arbitration

18. Informality proceedings are far less formal then a trial

19. Advantages of Arbitration

20. Most mediator must have a bachelor's before moving forward in there career.

21. mediator qualifications : like most careers these are steps that's needed in order to work in that field.