Give it to parents

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Give it to parents by Mind Map: Give it to parents

1. Mom

1.1. All about Mom

1.1.1. Animal Sign Rabbit

1.1.2. Sports Nothing

1.2. What she loves to do

1.2.1. Loves going to work

1.2.2. Loves eating chocolate

1.2.3. Loves eating Mamee noodles

2. Dad

2.1. All about this guy

2.1.1. Animal Sign Tiger

2.1.2. Sports Football Table Tennis

2.2. What he loves to do

2.2.1. Love working

2.2.2. Love watching football

2.2.3. Loves drinking coffee

3. In Common

3.1. Loves eating Dim Sum

3.2. Loves drinking TEA

3.3. Loves music