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My Mom by Mind Map: My Mom

1. Personality

1.1. Kind

1.1.1. She is willing to stop at anything and help us if we really need help

1.2. Curious

1.2.1. She always wants to learn news thing when ever she gets a chance

1.3. Adventures

1.3.1. She is willing to take risks, and try new things.

1.4. Supportive

1.4.1. Lets us talk when we're sad or just needs to get things out, and she only talks to us when we are done.

1.5. Smart

1.5.1. The first thing people think when they see my mom is, "OH! She's probably a teacher."

2. Zodiac Sgin

2.1. Chinese

2.1.1. Rabbit Main character in lantern is rabbit

2.2. Solar

2.2.1. ♊️Gemini Bunny has a gemini sign on it's forhead

3. Favourite Things

3.1. Colour

3.1.1. Violet

3.2. Flower

3.2.1. Lavender Let rabbit have lavenders on each side of it Rabbit ha a lavender in it's mouth

3.3. Hobby

3.3.1. Reading

3.3.2. Learning