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My Cousin by Mind Map: My Cousin

1. Personality

1.1. Feisty

1.1.1. Brave, adventurous in tree top climbing and skiing

1.2. Generous

1.2.1. Willing to accept and a person who lends things to others

1.3. Curious

1.3.1. Very outgoing and eager to try new things

1.4. Optimistic

1.4.1. Open minded in disagreements or arguements

1.5. Funny

1.5.1. Very humorous person and joking

1.6. Honest

1.6.1. Honest to parents, her cousins, her sister and willing to own up to her mistakes


2.1. Animals

2.1.1. Cats Has many cat toys on her bed

2.1.2. DOGS Loves to play with my dog and goes on hikes with my dog a lot

2.2. Art

2.2.1. Oil Painting Goes to oil painting art classes and brings paper to vacation to paint


2.2.3. Music TAYLOR SWIFT A strong fan of her and both of us love to listen to her music together and in our own free time

2.3. Nature

2.3.1. Trees

2.3.2. FLOWERS

2.3.3. SUNSETS

2.3.4. Coral

3. Chinese Star Sign

3.1. Pig

3.1.1. Good tempered

3.1.2. Kind-hearted

3.1.3. Loyal

4. Wardrobe

4.1. Very PURPLE and pink

4.2. Princess dresses with a lot of FLOWERS

4.3. Extra, extravagant