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Vincent-Brother by Mind Map: Vincent-Brother

1. What he likes/hobbies

1.1. Gaming

1.1.1. League of legends Has a gaming station

1.2. Basketball

1.2.1. Played during university

1.3. Food

1.3.1. Cooking for friends

1.4. Claw machines

1.4.1. Clawing dolls

1.5. Cars

1.5.1. Maserati

1.6. Anime (Japanese cartoon)

1.7. colour

1.7.1. Blue/green

2. Star Sign

2.1. tiger

2.1.1. Symbolises willpower, courage, and personal strength

3. Personality

3.1. Adventurous

3.1.1. Likes trying new things Example: In Korea he tried alive still moving octopus

3.2. Empathetic

3.2.1. He is very reliable to talk to Comforts me when I am sad in their own way.

3.3. extroverted

3.3.1. He is quite opened and does not mind meeting new people When eating with his friends he's very communicative, he also joins for meet-ups with his gaming friends

3.4. Caring

3.4.1. Remembers to buy me dinner/lunch if my parents are not home.