Histology of Vascular System

Describes the histological features of Arteries and some Veins

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Histology of Vascular System by Mind Map: Histology of Vascular System

1. Arterial

1.1. Large Elastic Arteries

1.1.1. Tunica Intima Simple Squamous Endothelium Subendothelial layer of collagen and elastic fibers INDISTINCT Internal Elastic Lamina

1.1.2. Tunica Media Contain fenestrated lamella Elastic Lamina/Fibers INCREASE with age Stained with (appear as dark wavy bands) CLINICAL CORRELATION Fenestrated External Elastic Lamina is present THICK

1.1.3. Tunica Adventitia THIN layer of CT Contains VASA VASORUM

1.2. Middle Muscular Arteries

1.2.1. Tunica Intima THINNER than larger elastic arteries PROMINENT Internal elastic lamina Sub endothelial layer contains few myocites

1.2.2. Tunica Media Circular arrangement of Smooth Muscles 4-40 layer each with basal lamina External elastic lamina is present Components: Collagen type III

1.2.3. Tunica Adventitia Occausionally sm are seen Contains VASA VASORUM

1.3. Small sized, Arterioles

1.3.1. Internal Elastic Lamina may be present

1.3.2. Responsible for TPR

1.3.3. TM is only 1-3 layers

1.3.4. NO External Elastic Lamina

1.3.5. TA is SMALL

2. Venous

2.1. Large Veins

2.1.1. Well developed TA

2.1.2. TI with THICC subendothelial layer

2.1.3. Poorly developed TM


2.2.1. They have NO definite media

2.2.2. RICH in smooth muscles

3. Vessel's Tunics

3.1. Tunica Intima

3.1.1. Endothelium Simple squamous Fucntions

3.1.2. Subendothelial Loose CT layer

3.1.3. Internal Elastic Lamina Swiss Cheese appearance Well developed in muscular arteries Fenestrated

3.2. Tunica Media (Largest in Arteries)

3.2.1. Elastic fibers THERE ARE NO FIBROBLASTS

3.2.2. External Elastic Lamina

3.2.3. Smooth Muscle Cells Collagen type III

3.2.4. Replaced by peicytes layer in capillaries

3.3. Tunica Adventitia (Largest in Veins)

3.3.1. Dense CT Fibroblasts and Collagen type I

3.3.2. Vasa Vasora Supply vessel's wall

3.3.3. Contains sympathetic nerve supply through unmeylinated vasomotor fibers