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Rapunzel by Mind Map: Rapunzel

1. A fairy which brokes stereotypes

1.1. The princess is valiant and she can stands up for herself

1.2. The man who saves Rapunzel in not a prince charming but a thief

2. Moral

2.1. You mustn't trust everyone

2.2. You must not keep a person for what she can gives you but for who is she

3. Byon Howard Nathan Greno

4. 2010

5. SETTINGS : Rapunzel lives in a tower hidden of the rest of the world with her "mom".

6. Rapunzel

6.1. Long blond hair

6.2. Green Eyes👀

6.3. Purple Dress👗

7. Summurary

7.1. When rapunzel bornt she had superpowers thanks to her hair. Her parents are the king and the queen of the kingdom. A witch decided to kidnapp her because with the Repunzel's powers she can be immortal. The witch decide to persuade Rapunzel that she is her mom and she can't go outside. But a day, a thief came ib the tower to hide himself and he fall in love with Rapunzel so he go out the tower ans Rapunzel discovered that she's a princess and her "mom" was a wicked person

8. Flynn Rider

8.1. Thief

8.2. Brown hair

8.3. Brown eyes👀

8.4. Charming gase

9. Gothel

9.1. The fake mom

9.2. Long black hair⚫

9.3. Black eyes⚫

9.4. Long dark red/pink dress❤️⚫