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Article by Mind Map: Article

1. Issue: challenges college students with dietary restrictions face background info: there is a large lack of research on this topic


1.1.1. Thesis: colleges need to provide more options for students with dietary restrictions and properly train all staff on the severity of food safety. First reason: personal experience (gluten and dairy allergy makes it very difficult to find foods that adhere to both my allergies) Second reason: severity cross contamination (Jessie's scare with nuts in potatoes-epi pen) Third reason: requirement to have most expensive dining plan for all first year students (expensive)

1.2. REFUTE:

1.2.1. Thesis: colleges already provide adequate resources to students with dietary restrictions First reason: vegan & gluten free options are available at most dining halls Second reason: food is labeled with allergens in dining halls Third reason: expensive to buy vegan/gluten free food of a very small crowd of students Fourth reason: permanent staff is properly trained in food safety

2. Restate thesis