Locomotion by Brian Floca

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Locomotion by Brian Floca by Mind Map: Locomotion by Brian Floca

1. Math

1.1. Ticket Punches with the Seat Number

1.2. Counting Toy Trains

1.3. Numbering the trains that come in the station

1.4. Writing on the board all the numbers we can find in the book like Eye Spy

2. Science

2.1. Human Train

2.1.1. figure out why a train has to be on the tracks and then make tracks for the students to stay on

2.2. How big is a Train?

2.3. Why Does a Train Need Coal?

2.3.1. Demonstrations

3. Social Studies

3.1. Newspaper Writing

3.2. Conductor Says

3.3. History

3.3.1. Compare and Contrast Now vs. When the story takes place

4. Art and Music

4.1. Making a Train chugging rhythm

4.2. Sing the Choo-Choo train song

4.2.1. Cute motions

4.3. Make Train Whistles

4.4. Play Loose Caboose

5. Dramatic Play

5.1. Engine Room

5.2. Train Stops

5.3. Boxcar

5.4. Passenger Cart

5.5. Train Station

5.5.1. Shop

5.5.2. Restaurant

6. Language Arts

6.1. Sequencing small chunks of the story

6.2. Vocabulary words on train cars so link up the word parts and meanings or pictures

6.2.1. Sight words

6.3. Using train wheels to spell out name

7. Miscellaneous

7.1. Train Snacks