Digital Citizenship TC GC

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Digital Citizenship TC GC by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship TC GC

1. Digital Access

1.1. Make passwords that are easy to remember but not too easy that people can figure it out - TC

1.2. For security questions, don't do obvious ones that everyone knows about-GC

1.3. everyone should be able to have the same access - teacher

1.4. When you get security questions for making an account for something, don't make the question too easy to answer because some people can hack you - TC

1.5. Do not access things that are inappropriate-GC

2. Digital Commerce

2.1. Never tick the box "save my password next time" for important websites concerning commerce (eg. Paypal, Ebay, Internet banking...)-GC

2.2. Always check the customer's comments and details of the product before purchasing, some people may scam you-GC

2.3. Don't avoid buying fake things from the internet - TC

2.4. Don't post fake photos or things on the internet/websites you don't trust. - TC

3. Digital Communication

3.1. don't bully people when you're texting or through the internet - TC

3.2. Don't tell your passwords over the internet because some people might hack your account and find out- TC

3.3. Don't rely on your phones/computers too much. If you get too attached, it will be extremely hard to survive on camp-GC

3.4. Don't always be stuck in your phone, remember to socialize with friends in real life rather than on the phone-GC

4. Digital Literacy

4.1. When chatting with friends, make your chatspeak is atleast understandable -GC

4.2. Don't trust websites that people can edit them (eg. wikipedia) since they might not be true, have false information and they aren't reliable. - TC

4.3. Make sure you trust the websites that you're using - TC

4.4. Check the date of when the website was last updated. The information could date back to a long time and information could have changed-GC

5. Digital Etiquette

5.1. Always treat people with respect as you would do in real life-GC

5.2. have good manners and be polite to everyone - TC

5.3. Don't use inappropriate language when you're talking to people. - TC

5.4. Don't create a page to hate someone and get people to join. (eg. Facebook)-GC

6. Digital Law

6.1. Don't illegally download things - TC

6.2. Don't copy word from word off the internet - TC

6.3. Don't attempt to break into or hack anyone's account-GC

6.4. Remember to create a bibliography after placing information you extracted from a website-GC

7. Digital Rights and Responsibilities

7.1. Don't post a photo of someone else on the web without permission-GC

7.2. Treat everyone fairy and don't bully others. - TC

7.3. Don't give out people's information without their permission

7.4. Make sure whatever you post is what you want. Once you post something, it will be on the web forever. - GC

8. Digital Health and Wellness

8.1. Look away from the computer often so your eyes don't go bad - TC

8.2. Remember to keep the screen adjusted at a reasonable brightness-not too dull, not too bright-GC

8.3. Make sure you have your back straight when you're on the computer- TC

8.4. After half an hour or so of continuous usage, remember to exercise for a while before continuing-GC

9. Digital Security

9.1. do not give out other people's information to others, make sure you have permission from them first. - TC

9.2. Never give out your account passwords to anyone-not even your best friend-GC

9.3. Make sure you log out of everything once you're finished on the website - TC

9.4. Don't believe any ads or popups, they're most likely fake or contain viruses-GC