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Anestrus by Mind Map: Anestrus

1. physiological anestrus

2. ovulatory anestrus

3. Anovulatory anestrus

4. 1-prepubertal anestrus 2-lactational anestrus 3-postpartum anestrus

5. 1-Gestational anestrus

6. pathological cause

7. Acquired anestrus

8. Ovulatory anestrus

9. Anovulatory anestrus

10. 1-Sub estrus 2-Unobserved estrus 3-Presisitent corpus luteum

11. 1-Anovulatory anestrus-I 2-Anovulatory anestrus-II 3-Anovulatoy anestrus-III

12. Congenital and Heriditary cause of anestrus

13. 1-Ovarian aplasia 2-Ovarian hypoplasia 3-Freemartin