100 Things Every Designer Should Know About People

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100 Things Every Designer Should Know About People by Mind Map: 100 Things Every Designer Should Know About People

1. The Meanings Of Color Vary By Culture

1.1. Map

2. How People See

2.1. What You See Isn't What Your Brain Gets

2.1.1. Information

2.1.2. Sensory Input

2.1.3. Object

2.1.4. 3D Representation

2.1.5. Background

2.2. Periphecal Vision Is Used More Than Central Vision To Get The Gist Of What You See

2.2.1. Cloud

2.3. People Identify Objects By Recognizing Patterns

2.3.1. Icon

2.4. People Imagine Objects Tilted And At A Slight Angle Above

2.4.1. Trait

2.5. People See Cues That Tell Them What To Do With An Object

2.5.1. Enviroment

2.5.2. Hover

2.5.3. Link

2.6. People Think Things That Are Close Together Belong Together

2.6.1. Visual Noise

2.7. Nine Percent Of Men And One-Half Percent Of Women Are Color Blind

2.7.1. Site

3. How People Read

3.1. Reading And Comprehending Are Two Different Things

3.1.1. Sort

3.1.2. Process

3.2. Reading On A Computer Screen Is Harder Than Reading Paper

3.2.1. Refresh

3.2.2. Bullet

3.3. People Read Faster With A Longer Line Length, But They Prefer A Shorter Line Length

3.3.1. Column

4. How People Remember

4.1. Short-Term Memory Is Limited

4.1.1. Memory

4.2. People Remember Four Items At Once

4.2.1. Tab

4.3. It's Easier To Recognize Information Than To Recall It

4.3.1. List

4.3.2. Recall

4.3.3. User Interface

4.4. Memory Takes A Lot Of Mental Resources

4.4.1. Bit

4.4.2. Encode

4.5. People Reconstruct Memories Each Time They Remember Them

4.5.1. File

4.5.2. Drive