Learning Theories

Devan Currao - Learning Theories Map

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Learning Theories by Mind Map: Learning Theories

1. Development

2. Cognitivism

2.1. 4 universal thinking skills

2.1.1. Distinctions

2.1.2. Systems

2.1.3. Relationships Bandura Social Learning Theory bobo experiment Ausubel Meaningful Learning rote learning

2.1.4. Perspectives

3. Behaviorist

3.1. Stimulus Response

3.2. Observations of behaviors

3.2.1. Watson classical only concerned with observable behaviors

3.2.2. Skinner operant conditioning "behavior theory" Learning is a funciton

3.2.3. Pavlov classical pairing stimulus to get repsponce

3.3. not concerned with cognitivism

3.4. development of habits

3.5. needs to be measurable

4. Constructivism

4.1. Piaget

4.1.1. Genetic Epistemology happens in stages touch early reasoning early logic abstract thought

4.2. Vygotsky

4.2.1. Zone of Proximal Development Learn from other by: context language assessing prior knowlege personal experience

4.3. Bruner

4.3.1. representing knowledge actions icons discovery learning languages

4.3.2. discovery of learning

4.3.3. problem solving

4.4. Gardner

4.4.1. Multiple Intelligences visual linguistic logical/mathimatical kinesthetic musical interpersonal intrapersonal naturalistic

4.4.2. schema generalized description how knowledge is represented and used

5. social

6. Psychology

7. explanation of behaviors

8. Problem solving

9. Observational

10. Feeback

11. Transferable knowledge

12. tangibility