OTG Pro Integrated Marketing Plan

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OTG Pro Integrated Marketing Plan by Mind Map: OTG Pro Integrated Marketing Plan

1. Social Media

1.1. Ads will be placed on the feeds of our target demographic, which will further encourage interaction with our website and social media

2. Website

2.1. Centerpiece for online advertising, and promotional options allowing consumers to view and purchase products.

3. Email Marketing

3.1. Encourages consumers to visit website, helps them become knowledgeable about promotions and the product.

4. Sponsored sites

4.1. Sponsored sites like Amozon and Barnes and Noble will encourage the target demographic to buy the product through other sources but will help grow the brand image and acc

5. Word of Mouth

5.1. Opinion leaders will be able to influence new consumers to buy product by sharing their experience

6. Advertising

6.1. Builds the brand using digital media as well as newspapers, and magazines to potentially attract new consumers