Product Issues/Fixes

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Product Issues/Fixes by Mind Map: Product Issues/Fixes

1. General

1.1. Eliminate the auto-delete feature for too many mispellings

1.2. Typing is slow and lags

1.3. Merge users feature

1.4. Revision text box can be expanded through messages and below the footer

1.5. Opens new tab [separate page] each time you log out. Also, goes back to marketing page instead of log-in page.

1.6. Same language throughout site

1.6.1. Under Edit Course, User Avatar is Allow/Disable, rather than Enable/Disable

1.6.2. Still called Student Portfolio on Teacher side [banner after click on essay]

1.6.3. HELP under name; HELP CENTER at bottom of screen

1.6.4. Assigned Prompts and Assigned Lessons [same for both, not recommended]

2. Recent Student Activity

2.1. Add links to Rubrics, Example Essays, and Graphic Organizers to bottom for both students and teachers

2.2. Remove link to FAQs - doesn't go anywhere

2.3. If you're in a course, click on Switch to Student Model, and then switch back to Teacher, you are no longer in the course.

3. Peer Review

3.1. Completed Peer Reviews should reflect those completed for the student.

3.2. Choose up to six needs to be aligned with questions. December release?

4. Prompts

4.1. Prompts - Take numbers off content areas.

5. Reports

5.1. Filtering in progress reports for previous years shows a single point instead of a link graph for individual traits.

5.2. Admin reports - rebranding

6. Highlighting

6.1. Draft highlighting - not an Advanced Option, but default feature

6.2. Highlighter is "chunky" and sometimes inaccurately chooses text.

7. Lessons

7.1. Ability to assign lessons by class

7.2. Align lessons with prompts [EX: Students write narrative essays and get lesson feedback about how to fix argumentative essay.]