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The Cell Cycle by Mind Map: The Cell Cycle
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The Cell Cycle

Takes place in Eukaryotic cells


Gap 1

Cell grow, develop, and gain ATP


DNA is copied

Gap 2

Energy gained is used to divide the cell during mitosis

The cell double checks the duplicated chromosomes for errors and making any repairs


Cell division

Cell stops growing and divides into two daughter cells

Asters make sure that the daughter cells have the right amount of chromosomes and are ready to finish cell division



Chromatin becomes visible in the nucleus

Centrioles move to opposite ends of the cell


Spindle fibers surround the chromosomes at the nucleus making sure each new nucleus will receive a copy of a chromosome


The pairs of chromosome go to the kinetochore and separate and move to opposite ends of the cell


Chromatids (individual copy of DNA) move to opposite poles of the cell


The cell is split into two daughter cells each having one nucleus.