Best friend and I

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Best friend and I by Mind Map: Best friend and I

1. Initiating Stage

1.1. uncertainty avoidance

1.2. perception process

1.2.1. high-self monitor need to satisfy face needs primacy effect

1.3. non-verbal communication

1.3.1. facial displays

2. Experimenting stage

2.1. Ritualistic Touch

2.2. Culture Shock

2.2.1. She had an accent which surprised me because I made the stereotype that she was American based on her appearance phonological rules of language

2.3. Johari Window

2.3.1. Known to self Shared with me her nationality and sees it as her social identity

2.4. Social Penetration theory

2.4.1. depth Uncertainty Reduction Theory Unsure on our friendship so did not go into depth

2.5. Similarity assumption

2.5.1. Forgot to speak at a slower pace and adapt to her language needs because I assumed we understood the same things

3. Intensifying Stage

3.1. comfortable environment

3.1.1. more depth and

3.1.2. both feminine speech culture Had much more meaningful conversations with better reciprocity

3.2. attraction theory

3.2.1. social attraction found that our personalities are the same

4. Integrating Stage

4.1. Labelled our friendship as best friends

4.1.1. used we-statements

4.1.2. social exchange theory equity ratio cost and rewards of being friends were equal

5. bonding stage

5.1. to publicly announce our friendship we decided to be roommates

5.1.1. Conflict is natural we both use healthy methods to deal with conflict or dialectical tensions