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1. Content Ideas

1.1. 1. Did the individual present to an ED or Hospital Property?

1.1.1. Includes ED Labor and Delivery Parking Lots Sidewalks

1.1.2. Excludes Non Medical Facilities

1.2. 2. Did the individual request examination or treatment, or have a request made on their behalf?

1.2.1. Made by individual

1.2.2. Made on behalf of individual EMS Another hospital

1.3. 3. Was an MSE provided?

1.3.1. For ED Patients

1.3.2. For OB Patients

1.4. 4. Did the MSE reveal an EMC?

1.4.1. Other acute symptoms Serious jeopardy Serious impairment Serious dysfunction

1.4.2. Regarding pregnant women Inadequate time to effect a safe transfer Transfer may pose threat to health/safety Contractions or rupture of the membranes

1.4.3. Regarding psychiatric conditions Suicidal or homicidal Danger to self or others

1.5. 5. If there was an EMC, was stabilizing treatment provided without delay within ED capability and capacity?

1.5.1. A hospital’s EMTALA obligation has been satisfied once the individual is admitted as an inpatient

1.5.2. Pregnant women Contractions Stable when baby delivered along with placenta No contractions Other

1.5.3. Psychiatric Patients No longer a danger Restraints pros and cons

1.6. 6. Was the patient stabilized or appropriately transferred?

1.6.1. Transferring Hospital Must Ensure an Appropriate Transfer Obtain Certification Signed by Physician Ensure Available space & qualified personnel Send Medical records Transfer with Qualified Personnel & Appropriate Equipment

2. Instructional methodologies ideas

2.1. Possible hybrid plan

2.2. Utilize UDL guidelines

2.3. Other tools

2.3.1. Closed Captioning

2.3.2. Audio

2.3.3. Interactive Videos

2.3.4. Voice Overs

2.3.5. Images

2.4. Tools, Software, Equipment

2.4.1. Powtoons

2.4.2. LMS options Assignments Discussion Posts Tests,Assesments Gamification

2.4.3. Storyline

2.4.4. PowerPoint

2.4.5. PCs and Laptops