MLL3 (Tumor supressor)

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MLL3 (Tumor supressor) by Mind Map: MLL3 (Tumor supressor)

1. Loss od expression

1.1. Colorectal cancer

1.2. Gastric cancer

2. Mutation at N-terminal PHD finger.

3. Function

3.1. A post SET Domain.

3.2. A SET domain.

3.3. AT hook DNA binding domain.

3.3.1. DNA binding

3.4. a ADHC-type zinc finger.

3.5. Ring type zinc fingure

3.5.1. Creates and stabilizes folds in protein Protein Binding RNA binding protein RNA transcription

3.6. Six PHD type zinc finger.

4. Mutation at PHD domain

4.1. Lung, bladder, skin cancer.

5. Deletion of BAP1 or BAP1 mutation.

5.1. lskfmasd