Synthesizing -Final

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Synthesizing -Final by Mind Map: Synthesizing -Final

1. Phonological Awareness

1.1. Is the general appreciation of how language can be divided into its components. = Phonemic Awareness

1.1.1. Phonemes

1.1.2. Onset-Rime

1.1.3. Syllables

1.1.4. Segmentation

1.1.5. Alliteration

1.1.6. Rhyming

2. Phonics

2.1. Decoding

2.1.1. Is the relationships between the letters of written language and the sounds of spoken language

2.1.2. Successful decoding occurs when a student uses his or her knowledge of letter-sound relationships to accurately read a word.

3. Comprehension

3.1. Explicit

3.2. Implicit

4. Vocabulary

4.1. Ties in with Reading as a whole. Vocabulary can be built through Reading Strategies and Decoding Skills

5. Interactive Read Aloud

5.1. During Interactive Read Aloud students are engaged in listening and talking. They are also sharing ideas and building on schema. Students are also engaged based on learning profile and are building on skills.

6. Shared Reading

6.1. Can happen with whole group or small group. It is where students read together from a large print and a teacher guides and supports students through the reading.

7. Guided Reading

7.1. Through Guided Reading a teacher is able to help a student with reading. It is a time where students practice book choice, phonics, word work and study, and decoding, understanding and comprehension.

8. Big 5 Of Reading

8.1. Vocabulary

8.2. Fluency

8.3. Phonics

8.4. Text Comprehension

8.5. Phonological Awareness

8.6. Five skills that children need to read proficiently.

9. Balanced Literacy

9.1. Is instruction in reading, speaking and writing that has elements of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency.

10. Running Records

10.1. Are taken at the earliest stages of reading.

10.2. Place students in appropriate level of reading.

10.3. Assess a students reading progress.

11. Standards and Objectives

11.1. These tell teachers what to focus on and where students should be based on readiness. Standards and Objective are synthesized daily to produce lesson plans and guide a teacher through planning.