Activation playbook

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Activation playbook by Mind Map: Activation playbook

1. social media guideline

1.1. Facebook guideline

1.1.1. Facebook content create facebook content plan check with adrian for the content

1.1.2. content guideline from Adrien

1.2. Google guideline

1.2.1. Store pic check store pic Done take pic send list of pic requested

1.2.2. google content test account make an example account Castel Guelfo: put pdt infomation Barcelona build google guideline

1.3. Instragam

1.3.1. Instagram proposal

1.3.2. event schedule activation schedule store opening plan

1.3.3. photo guideline

1.3.4. shooting organize

1.4. Salomon platform experinces

2. activation guideline

2.1. activation visual

2.2. activation list

2.3. activation schedule

2.4. communication for activation

2.4.1. how to promo your activation facebook google register on salomon platform

3. Goodies list

3.1. price

3.2. timing

3.3. list from Fred

3.3.1. t-shirt

4. Improve google my busniess