Biotic and Abiotic Factors

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Biotic and Abiotic Factors by Mind Map: Biotic and Abiotic Factors

1. Biotic Factors

1.1. Biotic Factors is a living components

1.2. Producers

1.2.1. called producers or autotrophs. It a green plants that have chlorophyll to make own food by PHOTOSYNTHESIS.

1.3. Consumer

1.3.1. celled consumer or heterotrophs they are not make food. Herbivore - animal eat plants Carnivores - animal eat other animal Omnivore - animal eat both plants and animal

1.4. Decomposers

1.4.1. called scavengers. They break down chemical from producers and consumers into simpler form which can be reused.

1.4.2. example - Bacteria,Fungi,Viruses

2. Abiotic Factors

2.1. Abiotic Factors is a non-living components

2.2. Air

2.2.1. A layer of air called the Atmosphere surrounds the earth.

2.3. Soil

2.3.1. made up of rock and soil. All ilfe on land is dependent on soil.

2.4. Water

2.4.1. about 71% The amount of water in a habitat affects the kind of plants and animals found in the habitat.

2.5. Temperature

2.5.1. The heat from the sun . Temperature measures how to hot or cold an object is.

2.6. Light and heat

2.6.1. make food during photosynthesis