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I Am Here by Mind Map: I Am Here

1. Virtual

1.1. Prototypes

1.1.1. for design purposes

1.1.2. to emphasize the possibility of other iterations for myself, to "limber up my thinking" For others Invite people to consider alternatives To dissuade people from assuming

1.2. Simultaneous iterations

1.2.1. Stephanie's warning that the presence of two iterations can undermine the authority of both. (As if to suggest they are individually insufficient.)

1.3. Present forms suggestive of absent forms

2. Concrete

2.1. Wood Sculpture

2.1.1. Suggestive of other possibilities

2.1.2. Scaled in relation to body Stephanie's hyperawareness of body suggestion What are her influences for considering the body? Quickly identified a sexual overtone in the posture of Lauren's hug sculpture Quickly identified the curve of my chair's seat as an invitation for intimate contact When she showed me her annotated interests and influences, Felix Gonzalez-Torres was listed under "body"

2.1.3. Ability to move or be converted physically

2.2. Formal disruptions

2.3. Fabricated objects

2.3.1. satisfaction of the maker why?

2.4. Found objects

2.4.1. generally avoided why?

2.5. Transition of form to symbol

3. Uncertain

3.1. Comfortable/ At home

3.1.1. With ambiguity

3.1.2. With open-ended narratives

3.1.3. With awkward silences

3.1.4. With denying the audience resolution Do I consider resolutions artificial?

3.2. Chance

3.2.1. by design

3.2.2. relinquishing control through collaboration through participation Is the suggestion of participation enough?

3.2.3. adaptability mistakes sometimes more interesting than intention

3.3. Strategic utilization?

3.3.1. suspense in film/literature

3.4. Narrative uncertainty

3.4.1. Suspense

3.5. Maneuverability

3.5.1. In my last mind map, I mentioned a fear of limited creative freedom Why?

4. Relational

4.1. Desire for and fear of romantic relationships

4.1.1. Cruel Optimism! -Berlant

4.1.2. Connection to nesting Bowerbirds What would it take to intensify the "charge of affect" of a domestic space? How can this be explored in an installation?

4.2. Social Magnaminity

4.2.1. Father's influence Story telling Audience capturing "Romantic" rather than accurate memory

4.2.2. Artist as entertainer/Cultural Host

4.3. Empathy for awkwardness

4.3.1. Can I provide a sense of belonging for others? Through teaching? Through art?

4.4. Beatific helpfulness

4.4.1. Mother's influence (and Grandfather)

4.4.2. A tendency to help others enthusiastically, sometimes at my own expense Is this somehow rooted in avoidance of addressing my own lacks?

4.5. Complicity

4.5.1. Felix Gonzalez-Torres political complicity sensual complicity

4.6. Desire for belonging

4.6.1. Personal history of introversion

4.6.2. Personal history of longing