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App Design by Mind Map: App Design

1. Script 2

2. Happy Now

2.1. Happy Now is an app which shows you the most popular and satisfy games created by KZ DRIP. Not only Happy Now offers you the most satisfying video and clips made by KZ DRIP

2.1.1. Our apps are designed to give you that oh so good feeling (from stratifying games and videos or that "just right feeling".) Our app will use scientific proven strategies and methods and our app will make a new strategy or method for each user because that's how dedicated we are at KZ DRIP co. Additional features include:

2.1.2. Everyday our users will take a test and day by day, they can see their progressions and we (the app) will give suggestions to try and apply in your life to make you smile

2.1.3. The app will adapt to what the user likes so we can determine what are the best strategies to make this users happy. (the user if they want to can give us data to help them.)

2.2. Terms and conditions

2.2.1. Our app will only monitor what are your tendencies and habits on the app and use the data to figure out the best path or strategies to help you.


3.1. InChat

3.1.1. is an App that shows you new features and its a combine product of Instagram and Snapchat, it offers you every feature of the 2 apps in one for a monthly fee of 1.00

3.2. Clip IT

3.2.1. Have you ever been jealous about someones wearing and wish you could find where to get it, well now you can with a clip of a picture our app can use KZ DRIP algorithm and find it, and maybe on sale.

4. Logo



5. KZ Inc.

6. ZK Co.

7. Script

8. Commercial

8.1. Zachary got dumped by Deandre on her birthday, I will be crying and eating ice cream in the corner of the classroom. Then Klidi comes and try to sell KZ DRIP's new app Happy Now to me then I download it and explain all of its features.

8.2. Klidi will be sitting on the couch, bored on his phone, then I appear and introduce Happy Now to Klidi. Then Klidi downloads Happy Now. (Hesham does drip noise.)

9. App Icon