Digital Citizenship HZ KX

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Digital Citizenship HZ KX by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship HZ KX

1. Health & Wellness

1.1. Take a break form the computer for your eyes every 45 min. KX

1.2. Never use the computer for more than five hours a day if not for work

2. Sercurity

2.1. Don't post personal information like home addresses or phone numbers etc. on the internet. KX

2.2. When setting a new account, set your privacy setting to the highest level.

3. Access

3.1. Keep you password/s to yourself.

3.2. Don't access others accounts without permission

4. Commerce

4.1. Only use proved websites to trade

4.2. Don't give out your personal information like credit card details to untrusted sites.

5. Communication

5.1. Never tell any information to any unknown strangers

5.2. Make sure you think over before accepting and invitations from a stranger. e.g. webcams

6. Literacy

6.1. Do not use any inappropriated language

6.2. No coarse language

7. Etiquette

7.1. Remember to have manners even online chatting

7.2. Respect others privacy online

8. Law

8.1. If any illegal act is found, report to the public security net immediately .

8.2. Never do things that are illegal like hacking and copyright. KX

9. Rights & Responsibilities

9.1. Remember to respect everyone and treat others the way you want to be treated. KX

9.2. Take responsibility of what you created.