Digital Citizenship SZ, SS, LZ

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Digital Citizenship SZ, SS, LZ by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship SZ, SS, LZ

1. Access

1.1. Make sure that you have access to a computer at home

1.2. Be aware of who has access to your computer

1.3. Don't let other people access your computer without your permission.

2. Communication

2.1. Always communicate with you parents about your internet usage.

2.2. Be careful when talking to strangers online

2.3. Don't believe what the strangers say completely.

3. Literacy

3.1. Don't plagiarise things from the internet. Be creative and re-word the information that you obtain!!!

3.2. Include the source of where you got your information from

3.3. Check if your source is reliable

4. Etiquette

4.1. Don't say mean or offensive things online so be polite and nice to people when you are using social networking sites or chat sites.

4.2. Remember your manners, even when you're online

4.3. Don't talk about personal things in a public conversation. Don't give away any impotant information about yourself online.

4.4. Ask before you post a photo of somebody else online. They may not want people to see it.

5. Law

5.1. Cyber bullying is against the law so be extra careful about what you send to people!

5.2. Don't spread rumours on the Internet.

5.3. Don't download things from the internet illegally

6. Health and Wellness

6.1. Take breaks often when using the computer

6.2. Use correct posture

6.3. Don't stare at a computer screen for too long. It hurts and may even damage your eyes!!!

7. Security

7.1. Be sure to be safe when you are using the computer. Don't talk to people you don't know online.

7.2. Don't give out personal details

7.3. Make sure you log out your account when you leave the website.

8. Rights and Responsibilities

8.1. You have to be responsible on your computer and you have the right to respect others.

8.2. Be responsible what you say on the public website.

8.3. It's your responsibility to use the internet appropriately

9. Commerce

9.1. Be careful when using your Internet bank account.

9.2. When your friend asks you to lend money online, make a phone call or send a message to make sure that is really your friend, not someone stole the account and talk to you.

9.3. When buying things online, make sure it's from a reliable website. (ebay)