Narith + Chandra

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Narith + Chandra by Mind Map: Narith + Chandra

1. What are their medical requirements for travelling to Cambodia (prophylaxis, endemic diseases, etc)?

1.1. Recommendations

1.1.1. For Narith and Chantra's trip to Cambodia, there are a few things that they should be up to date in. They include: 1) Measles vaccination- For people 12 months old or older with no other evidence of immunity: 2 doses of MMR vaccine before travel given 28 days apart. 2) Routine Vaccines- The traveler's should be up to date with MMR, varicella, polio and yearly Flu 3) Hepatitis A- Recommended due to the contaminated food or water 4) Typhoid- Contaminated food or water 5) Japanese Encephalitis- Plan on getting vaccine, esp if visiting rural areas in Cambodia Malaria- Due to the mosquitos in Cambodia

1.2. Endemic Diseases

1.2.1. 1) Hepatitis A

1.2.2. 2) Typhoid Fever

1.2.3. 3) Dengue Fever

1.2.4. 4) Japanese encephalitis

1.2.5. Malaria

2. What is included in a traditional Cambodian diet/traditional herbs?

2.1. Diet

2.1.1. Traditional Cambodian diets are usually nutritious and full of fish and other seafood, vegetables and fruit

2.1.2. Generally, they are low-fat and low-calorie

2.1.3. Examples of DIshes A porridge rice broth called congee Dried mudfish Catfish Bok choi

2.2. Traditional Remedies

2.2.1. Some food based remedies in the culture Drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey that sat out overnight can cure sore throats Honey and wine helps chest pain Bitter melon and congee with dried mudfish can be squeezed into water to cure fever (high temperatures)

3. What social services are available for refugees/immigrants in the Hartford area?

3.1. The office of community services of the Department of Social Services (DSS) is responsible for disbursing federal funds related to resettling refugees in CT

3.2. A refugee can request to become a legal permanent resident after on-year residence in the US and apply for citizenship 5 years after date of entry into US

3.3. The DSS offices offer Refugee Cash Assistance and Refugee Medical Assistance programs for refugees up to eight months

3.3.1. -This provides refugees with temporary family assistance/ cash assistance, medical coverage and food stamp assistance

3.4. -The State also contracts with agencies all over CT to provide resettlement services such as case management, employment assistance, and additional support services

3.4.1. One of the agencies is the Catholic Charities Migration, Refugee and Immigration Services in Hartford, CT

3.4.2. Another is the Connecticut Coalition of Mutual Assistance Associations in Hartford, CT

4. What psychological concerns/considerations are important when treating patients from this particular refugee population (ie Cambodia)?

4.1. One of the most important concern/ consideration when treating patients from Cambodia is the trauma accrued during the Cambodian genocide

4.1.1. A study by Devon Hinton, shows that out of a sample of 143 Cambodian refugee patients (in October 2006 to August 2007), 48% of the patients had anger directed towards a family member in the last month.

4.1.2. Out of these people, anger directed towards children was particularly common

4.1.3. Another research study showed that, two out of five Cambodians have suffered mental problems and psychosocial crises.

4.1.4. Around 14% of Cambodians from 18 and older hace suffered PTSD

5. What are regulations/limitations regarding education/transition of professional degrees for immigrants?

5.1. In the case of Mr. Pich, he was an engineer in Cambodia before he relocated and now he does not have a higher education degree in America

5.2. This is a complicated case as there is no single authority in the US for the recognition of foreign degrees and other qualifications.

5.3. The authority for recognizing previous education in a foreign country are typically the admitting school or higher education institution, the employer, or the state or territorial licensing boards

5.4. Most of these authorities depend on expert comparability recommendations prepared by credential evaluation services.

5.4.1. -These are independent organizations that perform analyses of non-US qualification compared to a similar qualification in the US

5.4.2. -The company that would provide this service for Engineers is the NCEES (National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying)

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