Duncan Creek Stakeholders

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Duncan Creek Stakeholders by Mind Map: Duncan Creek Stakeholders

1. Elmer Ericsson: Bloomer Memorial Golf Course. Makes sure the nutrients and pesticides and fertilizers used do not runoff into nearby streams, lakes, and ponds.

2. Matt Leinenkugel: Brewery Operations. Brewery has set up rain gardens on brewery grounds. Started the Little Lake Wissota Stewardship Project to lower phosphorus levels. Installed a water pasteurizer which cleans water versus sending it to wastewater treatment plants.

3. Christopher Thies: CASL Forestry Service LLC. Works with the DNR to get crossing permits so he can perform his services properly. Thies wants educate private woodland owners while providing ethical and sustainable forest management services.

4. Ken Mcintyre: Lake States Timber LLC. Part of what McIntyre does involves logging. When working in proximity to waterways McIntyre believes it’s his responsibility to make sure he's adhering to best management practices for water quality.

5. Rhett Kragness: River Country Co-Op.

6. Brad H