A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol by Mind Map: A Christmas Carol

1. Charles Dicknes

1.1. Charles is a famous writer he wrote the Christmas Carol. and many other novels.

1.2. Charles was born on Febuary 7th in 1892. Charles had 3 partners, and he died has 58 years old, he died on june 9th. Charles had 10 kids.

2. Scrooge

2.1. He's an angry old man who hates Christmas but ends up begin the nicest old man who loves Christmas.

2.2. Scrooge lives in a poor city with lots of people in. He lives in London with in the poor part. But he has lots of money but keeps em' to him self.

3. Bob Crachit

3.1. He's Scrooge assistance. he's pretty happy compared to Scrooge before he changes. he is one of the poor people so he choose to work fro scrooge to get money for his family.

4. Tiny Tim

4.1. He is a young boy, he's Bob Crachit youngest child. He has something with one of his legs so he walks weird.