The whole US system

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The whole US system by Mind Map: The whole US system

1. The seperation of power (3 distincts)

1.1. The executive

1.1.1. An elected president The president has Veto, which means he can refuse to approve a bill or joint resolution

1.2. The legislature

1.2.1. Designs and passes laws and appoint the supreme court

1.3. The judiciary

1.3.1. Upholds the law.

2. Federation

2.1. America is a federation of 50 states

2.1.1. They have all pooled their collective sovereignty to create a single central authority The federal government

3. Checks and balances (principle of government)

3.1. Every branch has to talk to the other branches before making decisions

4. United States Senate

4.1. 100

4.2. Upper house

4.3. Every state gets 2 senators

4.3.1. The senators is elected by each state

5. USA has to main political parties

5.1. The Democratic Party

5.1.1. A centre-left party with a historic focus on social justice and equality.

5.2. The Republican Party (GOP)

5.2.1. A centre-right party with a historic focus on fiscal and social conservatism.

6. President

6.1. The president is elected by the whole country. He will be leading the country for 4 years.

6.1.1. When he and the vice-president has been voted, he can choose the rest of the cabinet.

6.2. He signs bills into laws

6.2.1. He can veto these bills which means he denies them.

7. House of representatives

7.1. 435 representatives

7.1.1. They are voted in from every district

7.2. Lower house of the congress

7.3. The states get more representatives when their population is bigger

8. US supreme Court

8.1. The actions of the president and congress can be challenged in the supreme court

8.1.1. They are able to to rule whether the federal government’s actions are in contravention of the US constitution or bill of rights.

8.2. There is 9 judges

8.3. They are the final safeguard