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1. Marcia's Notes

1.1. This training will be for our new business team. Thet haven't met their numbers the last few years and have been through several changes over the course of the last 12 months (management changes, strategy changes, territory changes, product changes).

1.2. Our main objectives for this program are: - equip the new business team with a methodology that allows everyone to speak the same language - enable the sales reps to challenge the way people think and give them confidence to push back on common objections - arm the sales team with more tools and tactics to increase the top of the pipeline and better qualify prospects - enhance the team's ability to build trust and rapport with prospects - introduce tools and strategies for effective questioning to uncover the prospect's motivators

1.3. MEDDIC Qualification

1.3.1. i. Metrics: Is there quantifiable, provable impact to the organization for selecting you as the vendor? ii. Economic buyer: Do you have access to the ultimate decision maker—the person who has the unique authority to say yes? iii. Decision criteria: Do you understand the criteria that will be used to select a vendor? Can you influence the criteria? Can you meet the criteria? iv. Decision process: Do you understand the decision process and time line? Can you influence the process? Can you align it with your sales process? v. Identifying pain: Is there enough pain or a compelling trigger event associated with not deploying your product or service to cause the economic buyer to feel an urgent need to change? vi. Champion: Do you have sponsors or coaches who advocate for you or amplify your message?

2. Discovery Meeting 1 Questions

2.1. Meeting 1

2.1.1. C3. How do you categorize opportunities? For example, by product, by segment, etc. Next steps

2.1.2. B13. How often do you make calls with your sales manager? What percentage of those are for the purpose of coaching versus assisting in the sale? Erin. Very hands on. very involved

2.1.3. A10. Who are your major competitors? LinkedIn Learning, U2me, prosera ,linux academy

2.1.4. A9. How are these changes and trends affecting your sales efforts? Ben - Big help is data transformation. neg - holidays. Find that will be in the area. Josh - not a structred learning envirnment. They have higher usage rates. Sweet spot - IT tech skills. Trend - tech folks see the benefit, but most traiing will drive through HR.

2.1.5. A6. What is your current product mix? What would you ideally like your product mix to be? Why? One license gets access to all.

2.1.6. A2. How much of your business (by percentage and revenue) comes from each segment? Inside -

2.1.7. B3. How is your sales culture different from other sales cultures you have experienced? Pressure. Oracle bkgd was structured, Not as set up here. Very much remote sales force. Spread out. Distributed

2.1.8. C7. What is your process for generating prospect/customer proposals? ELP - Proof of concept, viewed as wont be used by fulll population.

2.1.9. C17. As a salesperson, where do you feel most confident in the sales process? Demo first hand. conversation baout product. Showing platform. Get hung up past the demo. Trial metrics. Strong Josh prospectig, LI, and dials. Ben - prosepcting

3. Discovery Meeting Participants

3.1. Meeting 1

3.1.1. [email protected] Required Attendee Accepted Josh

3.1.2. [email protected] Required Attendee Accepted Cassi

3.1.3. [email protected] Required Attendee Accepted Tommy

3.1.4. [email protected] Required Attendee None Ben

3.2. Meeting 2

3.2.1. [email protected] Required Attendee Accepted Ranjit

3.2.2. [email protected] Required Attendee Accepted Bryan

3.2.3. [email protected] Required Attendee Accepted Chad

3.2.4. [email protected] Required Attendee Accepted Dennis

3.3. Meeting 3 - Sales Leaders

3.3.1. [email protected] Required Attendee None

3.3.2. [email protected] Required Attendee Accepted

3.3.3. [email protected] Required Attendee Accepted Allison Sends out marketing

3.3.4. [email protected] Required Attendee Accepted Alexia Running pilots/demos - we have to go Q4, began a monthly one on one

3.3.5. Erin Sloane

3.3.6. Michael Leveling up. Stagnate, getting to closing members. 3x quota Reliant on outbound stragey

4. Other converstation

4.1. What are your roles?

4.1.1. Inside sales, find own prospects, completely close. Josh and Ben, BD everyone. Inside small biz.

4.1.2. Finding new accounts, hunters, large accts, 60 - 100 accts, 100k, 350seats, international. Round robin globally

4.2. What is the mostfrustrating part of your job?

4.2.1. Complexity - total number of licenses, viewed as optional. SHowing that

4.2.2. Dennis - process lack, marketing lack but much is decied upon by individual, left to own devices. We are all professionals. Around pricing. Base on value. Inconsistent pricing, easily drop price. Chad - more ways to get msssaging out; targeted pitch, net new business, so much outbound. Time mgmt. Ranjit - Mktg got better butu reactive, not proactive. International, decisions based on US protocol and not for global condiderations. Brian - How we engage with cust: we have three persona's and not person oriented. Tech exec, L&D persona, work group level that is very transactional. #2 - customers have a tough time relating to HR eco-system. hard to get to pain and ROI. Target-tech exec. measured value - course completions. Getting outcome crieteria - what is there pain and urgency, how do we demonstrate that we solved that problem. We get bogged down in evaluation process. They want to use a criteria.

4.3. What would help you in the sales process?

4.3.1. Find a way to get a next step Finding better trigger points for prospects. Not a lot of people know about platform. Organization of sales process to know better what each step entails

4.4. It is pain prevention

4.5. Trial - content evaluation. Getting the buy in from participants to understand what it is they are looking for. Engagement is the key Dennis - comes down to how you set up evaluation. Must set expectations. Trying to get someone. Sodexo example - get white listed, cannot expect instantaneous implementation on trial.

4.6. Biggest issue - evaluation - cannot articulate any success criteria,

5. Discovery Meeting 3 Questions

5.1. B3. How is your sales culture different from other sales cultures you have experienced?

5.2. Compared to other insides= sales organizations, group feels left a ittle on their own. Ready for methodology.

5.3. What metrics do you currently use to determine pipeline health?

5.4. What feedback have you received from customers that the sale person experience was less than desireable?

5.5. E4. Does your organization measure any other metrics outside of financial indicators? For example, customer satisfaction, operation stats, employee satisfaction, etc.

5.6. C15. What do you believe your sales team does well?

5.6.1. Lot of change. PIVOTING THEIR APPROACH. FOCUS on being outbound, PRODUCTIVITY. Pretty good bout SHARING w tream (Mike - Slack, team mtg). SELF SUFFICIENT (most are virtual), Maintain such a positive outlook, very HARD WORKING, OPEN TO COACHING. Diverse, tenuous (objectives not met), all hands on deck - anyone will help to sell

5.7. C17. What are the most important activities needed from your sales managers and sales team to achieve organization goals?

6. Value is in productivity