Noah's Mind Map

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Noah's Mind Map by Mind Map: Noah's Mind Map

1. Getting to Know Me

1.1. Favourite Video Game

1.1.1. Rocket League

1.2. Favourite Sport

1.2.1. Basketball

1.3. Favourite TV Show

1.3.1. Black Mirror

2. Reflection on Success

2.1. My Definition

2.1.1. “Success is when someone achieves their goal in life and is self-satisfied. This can be a high-ranking position in the government, making a certain amount of money, etc.”

2.2. How This Impacts my Career Choice

2.2.1. This impacts my career choice as I want a technological job that can make me money, such as an engineer, so that I can sustain and live comfortably.

3. Self Assessment Reflection (Hobbies and Leisure Activities)

3.1. Video Editing

3.2. Sports

3.3. Video Games

4. Work Value Inventory

4.1. Surroundings

4.1.1. Nice Working Condition

4.2. Economic Return

4.2.1. Work That Pays Well

4.3. Security

4.3.1. Minimal Chance to get Fired or Laid Off

5. Multi-Intelligence

5.1. Intrapersonal

5.1.1. Strong in Self Reflection

5.1.2. Works Alone

5.2. Interpersonal

5.2.1. Strong in Understanding People

5.2.2. Likes to Work with Others

5.3. Bodily Kinesthetic

5.3.1. Strong in Athletics

5.3.2. Likes to be Active

6. How Everything Affects My Career Choice

6.1. Software developer/programmer

6.1.1. Salary: $87,100

6.1.2. Related to technology and pays well (relates to my success reflection)

6.1.3. Economic Return

6.1.4. Intrapersonal Intelligence

6.2. Dietitian/nutritionist

6.2.1. Salary: $55,240

6.2.2. Related to sports (part of my self-assessment reflection)

6.2.3. Interpersonal

6.2.4. Bodily Kinesthetic

6.3. App Developer

6.3.1. Salary: $92,055

6.3.2. A high-paying job in the technological field (relates to my success reflection)

6.3.3. Economic Return

6.3.4. Intrapersonal