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Woven fabric by Mind Map: Woven fabric

1. customers

1.1. facebook ads

1.1.1. landing page(promo) promo lebran promo tahun baru promo hari natal

1.2. google search

1.2.1. beli kain tenun catagory page ; kain tenun


1.3.1. landing page ( home) header logo navigasi icon card silder foto banner promo video produck konten koleksi koleksi lebaran koleksi lebaran profile desainer brand footer social media copyright menus social media

1.3.2. single produck nama produck harga foto privew stock produck similllar tabs deskripsi review CTA (Click-to-Action) Add to cart wishlist Add to cart wishlist HMW (How Make We) Profile Desainer Profile Desainer

1.3.3. Card Page Sitemap Item button chekout address & nama