Why did Tesla love the number 3 so much?

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Why did Tesla love the number 3 so much? by Mind Map: Why did Tesla love the number 3 so much?

1. What makes the number 3 so special?

1.1. How does it compare with 0?

1.1.1. If 0 and Nothing are equal symbols, can nothing exist without something? And would that make it impossible for 0 to exist without 1? Is this the conundrum for how we get to one? Can one exist with two if left can’t exist without right?

2. Since numbers and letters are both symbols do they interact With one another in the human mind and how it perceives reality?

2.1. Are symbols really real or only real to us?

2.1.1. If our symbols are only real to us, then could they be causing us to miss things?

2.1.2. What is happening through our Binary thinking? Do we have to use Binary thinking or do we have other ways to think as well? if 0 cannot be both nothing and something at the same time to comply with human thinking what must happen in order for it to fit in?

3. If we need 0 to be nothing and 1 to be something then how is 1 made from nothing?

3.1. If something and nothing rely upon each other, is it safe to say that for a moment, 1 and zero also depend on each other?