Kids Ability

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Kids Ability by Mind Map: Kids Ability

1. Vision & Goals

1.1. Vision: Potential realized. Mission: Empowering children and youth with special needs to realize their full potential.

1.2. Values: - Inclusion -Respect -Collaboration -Integrity -Accountability

2. Equity & Inclusion

2.1. KidsAbility Recreation Therapists are available to provide training to camp and recreation staff to help support the inclusion of children with special needs in recreation programs and camps.

2.2. The SPOT program is a service that promotes and supports the inclusion of children who have special needs or disabilities in licensed early learning and childcare programs

3. Services & programs for students and their families

3.1. Autism

3.2. Blind/Low Vision

3.3. Behavioral

3.4. Early Years Developmental Services (ages 0-3)

3.5. Hearing Impairments

3.6. Occupational & Physical Therapy

3.7. Speech & Language Therapy

4. Who Can Refer a child?

4.1. Parents/Legal Gardians

4.2. Doctors

4.3. Spevialists

4.4. For referral form:

5. Ways to Donate/Support

5.1. Online: Donate Now

5.2. Phone Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm 519-886-8886 ext. 1293 or toll-free 1-888-372-2259

5.3. In person or by mail: KidsAbility Foundation 500 Hallmark Drive, Waterloo ON N2K 3P5

5.4. Superhero Run 2019 — Guelph Superhero Run for KidsAbility —