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Ideation by Mind Map: Ideation

1. Communication gap

1.1. communication gap between Deaf and mute individuals and friends

1.2. Incompetency of ISL

1.2.1. Complexity and inconsistency of ISl

1.2.2. ISL is in English and some parents have limitation for English language

1.2.3. its expensive

1.2.4. non accessible

1.3. communications gap between Deaf and mute individuals and family

1.3.1. Parents desire to communicate with their children

1.4. communication gap between Deaf and mute individuals and teachers

1.5. communication gap between non deaf and mute individuals in immediate environment

2. Waking up in the morning

2.1. dependence on parents or guardian

2.2. keep phone very near to them to sense vibration

2.2.1. wrist device to wake them up

2.3. often late if nobody wakes them

3. Driving

3.1. Give concession on cab services for deaf and mute personnel

3.2. equipping the cab services to entertain deaf and mute employee

3.3. innovation in cars to aide driving for deaf and mute individuals

3.4. redesigning transportation policies for granting deaf and mute individual up till some degree a licence

4. Job opportunities

4.1. Design mandatory govt policies to entertain deaf and mute employees

4.2. Create more job tailored for deaf and mute

4.3. skill train deaf and mute individual to be able be at par with "able" competitor.

4.4. Introducing educational curriculum changes to equip deaf and mute individual for job opportunities

5. Romantic Relationships

5.1. Dating App for deaf and mute

5.2. Matrimonial App for deaf and mute

5.3. Feature in existing app for Deaf and mute to input that they are looking for deaf and mute.

5.4. Community gatherings for deaf and mute people and their families.