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Brainstorming Ideas by Mind Map: Brainstorming Ideas

1. Corruption of Pharmaceutical Drugs

1.1. Adderall

1.1.1. Children

1.1.2. Info about Adderall

1.1.3. Corruption in College

1.2. Roxycodone

1.3. Ritalin

1.4. Is it okay for physicians to endorse?

2. Birth Control Pill

2.1. Obama and new policy 2012

2.2. Conflict between religion and policy

3. Corruption of Drugs in Florida

3.1. Oxycodon

3.1.1. Link to article

3.1.2. Facts about the drug

3.2. People from up North travel to Florida for drugs

3.2.1. New node

3.3. illegal sale of prescription drugs