How would Canada be like if we used First Nation laws

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How would Canada be like if we used First Nation laws by Mind Map: How would Canada be like if we used First Nation laws

1. Take what you need

1.1. Environment

1.1.1. Greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are a big problem today. Because First Nation people don't burn fossil fuels meaning that carbon dioxide won't be put into the air leaving the ozone layer intact.

1.1.2. Plastic. Today we are trying to limit our use of plastic and eventually eliminate it from our everyday lives. First Nation people don't use plastic causing there not to be any plastic in the sea, ocean, lakes, etc.

1.1.3. Extinction. Extinction wouldn't be a problem anymore because the First Nation people never over hunt or over-harvesting plants.

1.2. Resources

1.2.1. Smuggling. Other people would try to smuggle wood and other resources because of Canada's rich environment.

1.2.2. Canada would have a very rich forest, resulting in many countries wanting to trade with them.

1.3. Fines. There would be fines for taking more than what you need.

1.3.1. Permits. Permits would get stricter and fewer people would have them. Limited gatherers Hunter and fishers. In every community or village, there would be 1 hunter and 1 fisher per every 10 citizens, or something similar to that. Gardeners. You would not need a permit to garden for your family and friends but would still need one for selling fruits and vegetables to the community. The reason why I think family gardeners don't need a permit to garden is that there is no harm in growing fruits and vegetables, and it takes a lot less space.

1.3.2. Penalty Currency. Because money doesn't exist you would have to pay with something rare or needed in your community. For example, you bought 2 steaks and ate 1 of them and the other steak you threw away. In this scenario your village is struggling with scurvy during this winter, you would pay the fine with 100 berries.

1.4. Food Banks. I think food banks wouldn't exist because in First Nation law you cannot take more than you need.

1.4.1. Poverty. Poverty is a huge problem today and the people in poverty cannot afford food and that's where food banks come in and help. But because there won't be any food banks in Canada those people in poverty won't be getting the nutrients they need to live, what would the solution be. Because everyone in the community is treated fairly and equally there would probably not be a need for food banks in the first place. But if the food was a big problem they would hold a community food bank once in a while.

2. Territories

2.1. Ceremonies. Ceremonies would be reserved for chiefs or by high ranking citizens to greet other chiefs or other high ranking citizens.

2.2. Passports. You would need a pass from your chief or your job says that you are allowed to enter other villages.

2.2.1. No passports. There won't be passports but there would be licenses or passes from your chief.

2.3. Citizenship. Citizenship would be different because instead of you living in your country for 10 or so years you would have to be born in the village to be a citizen.

3. War/Conflict

3.1. Weapons. Weapons would be very different. Because guns and explosives don't exist to the First Nation's in war they would only use weapons that they can make with their surrounding environment.

3.1.1. Spears

3.1.2. Bow & Arrow

3.1.3. Traps. Traps would be a big part of First Nation war because the enemy if they are fighting with another First Nation colony, wouldn't have detectors so traps would be very dangerous in war.

3.2. Reasoning. I think future wars won't start because of a conflict but will start because of the lack of resources the country has.

4. Elders

4.1. Source of Information

4.1.1. No internet. Because there isn't internet and technology would be very limited, elders would act as a walking Wikipedia page.

4.1.2. Reading and writing wouldn't exist. Because reading and writing wouldn't exist there would not be libraries meaning that you couldn't record facts or history, that's where the elders would come in and remember it for the next generation of elders.

4.2. Retirement Homes

4.2.1. Free. The leader and his or her team would make the homes free for them because they would need the elders for their knowledge and experience.

4.2.2. Bigger/Better. Because elders are so important in the community the retirement homes are going to be better and bigger than what we have now.

4.2.3. Family. The family would be allowed to live with the elder.

4.3. Jobs. Because no one can read and the internet doesn't exist elders would have the most experience meaning elders would become something similar to a walking Wikipedia page

4.3.1. Different Areas of experience. Some people's profession could be to have the most experiences and knowledge in one subject, for example, one person might remember every single poisonous mushroom is Canada.