Momentum Climbing

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Momentum Climbing by Mind Map: Momentum Climbing

1. 20.6k Instagram Followers

2. Frequent use of stories to promote their events and sponsorships

3. Post about goat yoga and the niche opportunities they offer

4. Limit themselves to 3-5 hashtags per post

5. Have well-shot promotional videos

6. Repost customer stories they have been mentioned and recognised in

7. Post about the successes of their employees and customers to prove how the business helps individuals achieve success

8. Post about their influencers!!!

8.1. Increases reach; can then be reposted by their influencers - tapping into other markets

9. Use Instagram Highlights

9.1. Have a member portal which is used to promote promotions (bring a guest for free the first Saturday of the month)

10. Regular Facebook recommendations

10.1. 1 x one week ago, 1 x two months ago, 1 x three months ago

10.1.1. 368 Facebook Recommendations

11. Post memes on Facebook

11.1. In touch with regular trends; engaging with their current audience