Stephen Steil

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Stephen Steil by Mind Map: Stephen Steil

1. Future

1.1. 5-Year plan

1.1.1. After taking a gap year, graduate with a degree in business

1.1.2. Find a career in marketing industry

1.1.3. Get married

1.2. 10-year Plan

1.2.1. Continue to grow in my field

1.2.2. Start my own business

2. Difference

2.1. Strengths

2.1.1. Go-Getter attitude If I want something to get finished, I'll finish it I am driven for what I want

2.1.2. Timely arrive on time finish projects on time

2.1.3. Willing to explore new things I learn quickly I find new challenges to try "You can't dislike something you've never tried"

2.2. Weaknesses

2.2.1. Spontaneity I work better when I am prepared

2.2.2. Take too many risks These can end in failure I try too many new things sometimes

2.2.3. Honesty too honest very blunt about what I am thinking

2.3. Opportunities

2.3.1. Plenty of time to learn new skills I have not graduated yet thus giving me ample time to learn new skills

2.3.2. I could go on to get my MBA

2.3.3. Work on soft skills more before getting into an industry

2.4. Threats

2.4.1. Competition among job field

2.4.2. Not enough money to finish schooling but i could find more scholarships

2.4.3. Lack of knowledge on future events

3. Pitch

3.1. Soft Skills

3.1.1. Listening I am open to hearing new ideas and points of view Know when to be quiet and pay attention

3.1.2. Public Appearance Can speak in large groups Not afraid to be myself

3.1.3. Creativity Always thinking of ways to innovate Personal designer and marketer

3.1.4. Delegation Can separate people based on their own strengths

3.1.5. Enthusiasm Can motivate others with my joy When I like something, I can easily show it

3.1.6. Confidence I know what I can do I am willing to ask questions when I need to I stand up for what I believe in

4. Power

4.1. Caveat Coffee

4.1.1. Trained Barista

4.1.2. Multiple years of customer service

4.2. Samford University

4.2.1. Held several jobs across campus Resident Assistant Worked in freshman dorms Summer Internship Helped coordinate summer camps Preformed room evaluations in various buildings Student Worker in University Advancement

4.3. Shots with Style

4.3.1. Personal photography business

4.3.2. Marketer for Caveat as well as Real and Rosemary

4.3.3. Independent

5. Loyalty

5.1. faithful and devoted

5.2. reliable and always true

5.3. supportive

5.4. dedicated

5.5. outperforming