Lessons Learned: Stephani Villaloboz

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Lessons Learned: Stephani Villaloboz by Mind Map: Lessons Learned:    Stephani Villaloboz

1. Difference today from 8 weeks ago

1.1. The first difference I can tell is my understanding of leadership and what makes a god leader

1.2. Thanks to our team project, I feel like I have a better understanding of virtual leadership

1.3. I feel better prepared for future leadership positions

1.3.1. I also believe that anyone can be a leader in any position. I plan to use the skills learned in this course to lead from where I am and continue to grow into a strong leader for the future.

2. Concepts, ideas and readings

2.1. Leading groups/teams and group decision making were important topics for my learning

2.1.1. I learned a lot through research for our group project (discovery research)

2.1.2. The weekly videos from leaders were very helpful I enjoyed hearing what they had to say each week about the different topics It was interesting to hear what the different leaders felt was important to them about the topics

2.1.3. Avoiding groupthink is such an important part of leadership in teams. Groupthink hinders creativity and keeps the team from being innovative Picking the right team and allowing creativity and new ideas keeps the team moving in the right direction and keep groupthink under control

3. Next steps for leadership development

3.1. 1. Finish MBA: Organization Leadership/Health Care Management

3.1.1. Expected: December 2020 Project Management and Excel courses are planned after completion to further enhance skills I will need to locate online continuing education courses

3.2. 2. Continue with LinkedIn learning modules

3.2.1. Through courses like this one, I have found many beneficial courses to review I like that they can be accessed through a phone app so that I can watch them on my bus ride to work

3.3. 3. Find a mentor and become someone else's mentor

3.3.1. I love to help others, being there for someone else on their journey would be very rewarding

3.3.2. Actively seek out a mentor to guide me through my career and changes that are in my future

4. Action plan step to be tackled next

4.1. I will continue to improve my social nextwork

4.1.1. Getting better at "small talk"

4.1.2. Taking the time to actually talk to people I do not know

4.1.3. Add more classmates to my LinkedIn and keep in contact

4.1.4. Continue to find networking opportunities

5. Key questions not yet answered

5.1. Are there ways to teach leaders emotional intelligence?

5.2. Resiliency training: is it worth it?

5.2.1. No real evidence one way or another

6. What discovery research can be done for these questions?

6.1. Research can be done by locating articles and books regarding leadership

6.1.1. Specifically regarding resiliency and emotional intelligence

6.2. LinkedIn learning modules for emotional intelligence and leadership

6.2.1. Very little research has been located regarding resiliency training and the benefits

7. My plan for incorporating reflection

7.1. Reflection is not something I used to do on a regular basis

7.1.1. My plan now is to continue to journal thoughts and ideas I would also like to track my progress toward becoming a leader Keeping a weekly journal seems to be easier for me to keep up with My plan would be to continue with weekly journal/reflections to have data on progress Tracking of questions and research will also be incorporated into the plan to aid in continued growth

7.2. Keeping a journal would only work for a few weeks or a month at a time

7.2.1. Conscious effort will be placed on continuing this valuable practice