A linha curva

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A linha curva by Mind Map: A linha curva

1. Starting point

1.1. Brazilian culture and the Brazilian celebration of life and the ability to live in the moment

2. Structure

2.1. The big ensemble sections features the dancers performing a series of repeated phrases in a number of different formations dictated by the multi coloured checkerboard lighting effect.

3. Accompaniment

3.1. Percossa, a group based in Holland.

3.2. 4 percussionists

3.3. Inspired by Brazilian samba music

3.4. The dancers also contribute to the performance when they chant

4. Costume

4.1. Black vests with different coloured lycra shorts

4.2. Colourful zips

4.3. Inspired by carnival music and are meant to enhance the impact of the lighting

4.4. Mettaloc disc shaped collars that reflect the lighting

5. Dancers

5.1. 15 male and 13 female

6. Dance style

6.1. Contemporary capoeora and samba

7. Choreographic approach

7.1. Itzik Gallili worked collaboratively with the dancers

7.2. He asked each dancer to devise a short solo

7.3. He believes you can see an essence of their personality in each of the sequences

8. Lighting

8.1. The different coloured lighting creates a checkerboard effect on stage

8.2. The timing and cues for the lighting is pre programmed.

9. Performance environment

9.1. End stage

10. Staging/set

10.1. There is no set apart from the raised platofrom at the back of stage in which 4 percussionists perform.

10.2. In one section skateboards are used to propel five dancers across the stage