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Wala by Mind Map: Wala

1. Admin

1.1. Dashboard

1.1.1. new orders

1.1.2. active subscriptions

1.1.3. total products

1.1.4. available Discount

1.1.5. statistic Order chart

1.1.6. statistic Alacarte/Subscription chart

1.2. Order

1.2.1. search by ID by CustomerID by SubscriptionID by From date, To date

1.2.2. filter by Status All Pending Processing Shipping Completed Canceled

1.2.3. order detail list informations id created date status process customer info list items info payment info renew status for subscription shipment info name address phone email postcode pick products delivery time cancel order approve order

1.2.4. export orders

1.3. Subscription

1.3.1. search by Customer name

1.3.2. filter by type of plan by Status All Activated Suspended Canceled InCampaign Today's renew

1.3.3. list subs info id agreement id customer name plan date status

1.3.4. Detail subscription id plan name payment method show current status next order on campaign campaign history add new campaign history link to detail order Suspend Cancel

1.4. Product

1.4.1. list products Search by Name Filter by Category by Tag by Activation by Quantity show information id thumbnail name stock price category tag created date edit name price image unit in stock attribute content paragraph active remove active/inactive

1.4.2. create new name price image unit in stock attribute region appellation estate grapes did you know specifications - appearance specifications - smell specifications - taste specifications - temperature specifications - recipes content paragraph active

1.5. Customer

1.5.1. search by Name

1.5.2. filter by Active by Disable

1.5.3. list informations id name email

1.5.4. active permission

1.5.5. customer detail id firstname, lastname gender birthday postcode city address change password

1.6. Promotion

1.6.1. Discount search by name by code filter All by Available by Expired by Coming by Active list informations id code description start date, end date active/deactive edit create code description type event type Usage limit per coupon Usage limit per user Minimum item minimum amount category amount

1.6.2. Subs Campaign search by name filter by All by Active by Disable list informations id name used date owner status edit create name set cycles

1.6.3. Referral program setting list informations create new Active/ Disable history search list informations

1.7. Newsletter - Subs email

1.7.1. filter by status subscribed unsubscribed by type subcription chiller-page

1.7.2. export csv

1.7.3. list information id email status type date

1.8. Stock management

1.8.1. stock search by Id by name filter by Category by Name by stock setting num of warning stock adjustment export csv list product informations id image name category stock status adjust

1.8.2. PO create new select supplier add product input order date input note search by Id by Supplier filter by Waiting by Complete list informations id supplier items GST total date status

1.8.3. POS create new select customer add product input order date input note search by Id by Supplier filter by Waiting by Complete list informations id customer items GST total date status

1.9. Report

1.9.1. subscription from date, to date filter by plan by subsription list informations plan active subscriber cancel subscriber total view pdf download pdf

1.10. Setting

1.10.1. Supplier create name company phone address postcode fax homepage country search by Name list informations name company address phone edit remove

1.10.2. category search by name create name description parent list informations id name description edit add products remove

1.10.3. tag create name list informations id name remove

1.10.4. plan plan group create list informations plan create list informations

1.10.5. payment method search by Name list information id name description order is sandbox active/deactive edit

1.10.6. delivery slot time select to month date used setting include Sunday maximum slots per day minimum slots per day time slot

1.10.7. region create name upload image list informations id name image created date edit

1.10.8. birthday email upload image title subject content editor

1.11. Storefront

1.11.1. general page title description keyword meta robot currency phone hotline email contact sale marketing social facebook instagram linkedin twitter youtube header logo url footer logo url bottom script page image

1.11.2. slider add insert image list of slider images

1.11.3. post post post tag post category

1.12. Administrator

1.12.1. account id email role edit remove

1.12.2. role id name edit remove

1.12.3. audit logs search by name by type from date, to date list informations id account action type created date

1.13. Signout

2. Website

2.1. Logo

2.2. Header

2.2.1. MyAccount dashboard recent orders shipping and billing address edit password edit account detail orders list informations subscriptions list information address account detail membership card referral referral link share social channel history logout

2.2.2. cart view all products process to payment

2.2.3. social channel

2.2.4. login email password

2.2.5. register first name last name email password

2.3. Menu

2.3.1. wine club

2.3.2. shop search filter region plan color accessories supplier list products add to Cart

2.3.3. free corkage

2.3.4. free chiller

2.4. Promotion

2.5. Block informations

2.6. Subscription packages

2.6.1. French discovery indulgence

2.6.2. Aussie discovery indulgence

2.6.3. Sake discovery indulgence

2.6.4. Italian & Spanish

2.7. Experience info

2.8. Footer

2.8.1. our offer french wine club aussie wine club sake club italian & spainish club

2.8.2. wala club T&C winemag free corkage events

2.8.3. customer service FAQ contact

2.8.4. payment visa mastercard asiapay paypal

2.8.5. email newsletter