Saving Banff's Grizzlies

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Saving Banff's Grizzlies by Mind Map: Saving Banff's Grizzlies

1. The bears are habituated to feeding on grain that spills out of railcars hauling wheat, canola and lentils from the prairies to the port in Vancouver. Twelve grizzlies have been mowed down on the tracks in Banff and nearby Yoho National Park since 2000, 10 of them since 2005.

2. Most were females, and several of them left cubs to fend for themselves. With just 65 grizzlies in Banff, the population will be in trouble if the losses continue.

2.1. Grizzlies used to roam much of Europe and North America but have steadily been eliminated from more than half their range in the last century.

3. In Canada, grizzlies once roamed from Manitoba west, but they are long gone from the prairies and many populations in Alberta and southern B.C. are declining, according to a recent report from COSEWIC, the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada.

4. This issue related to the earth spheres because Grizzly bear are die because of the pollution in this world people going in to the wood they leave the garbage in the wood and the beer go an eat it.

5. This is affect the First Nation people how are hunting for a beer and they are no bear.

5.1. This animal are being affected Bees,Dogs,Rats and sea lions. this animals are the ones that is helping us to save the planet

6. What we can do to help the earth is by stop put thing in the wrong place. we already have toxic waste,water pollution,air pollution,and acid rain.