Types of Assessment

The 4 Types of Assessment

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Types of Assessment by Mind Map: Types of Assessment

1. Diagnostic

1.1. AKA Pre-Assessment

1.1.1. Find out what students already know STUDENTS get a clue of what they will need to know TEACHERS can see what they need to spend more and less time on

2. Formative

2.1. Happens constantly to check for understanding

2.1.1. STUDENTS can see strengths and weakness and fix them Little to no penalty Examples:

3. Interim

3.1. Help TEACHERS understand what they need to improve upon or reteach

3.1.1. Offered periodically/ not as often After formative so students have time to relearn what they didn't understand Evaluate students learning progress

4. Summative

4.1. After learning, check for understanding, and reteach

4.1.1. Talks about all concepts in a unit/ year/ semester Gives TEACHERS data to compare to past and future classes/ years TEACHERS can improve their teaching skills