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Paawidigong First Nations Forum by Mind Map: Paawidigong First Nations Forum

1. Visions and Goals

1.1. "To provide comprehensive and holistic health and social services combining traditional values and cultural beliefs with contemporary practices that will promote healthy communities and an enhanced quality of life for the Dryden Area First Nations."

2. Services Provided

2.1. Mental Health and Addiction Programs

2.2. Healing Lodge

2.3. Diabetes Nurse and Education Program

2.4. Community Health and Home Care Nurse

2.5. Aboriginal Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

3. Communities Serviced: First Nations Communities with the Dryden Tribal Area

3.1. Eagle Lake

3.2. Wabigoon Lake Ojibway Nation

3.3. Wabauskang

3.4. Lac Seul

3.5. Lac Des Milles Lacs

4. How are programs accessed?

4.1. Mental health counsellors are available in the community and often visit the schools.

4.2. Day programming is also available.

4.3. There is one on one counselling for mental health, individual case management, client assessments, and internal/external referral options.

5. Contact Us

5.1. Address: 105 King Street, Dryden, ON P8N 1C1

5.2. Telephone: 1-807-223-5080

5.3. E-mail: [email protected]

5.4. Website: Mental Health and Addiction program | Paawidigong First Nations Forum Inc.

6. Does the agency specifically address equity, inclusion and historically marginalized communities?

6.1. Yes, they specifically service First Nations communities in the Dryden area. These communities are dealing with trauma left over from the residential school system that was prevalent in the area.